From the day it was invented, the toilet has been the premier place to ‘do your business.’ So why not harness modern technology to turn it into the new home of getting business done?
— Andrew Hajjar, ACD/Copywriter and Creator of The #BAÑOBOOK

New York, August 10th, 2019 -- To combat dwindling portfolio site view times, New York-based ACD/Copywriter Andrew Hajjar created The #BAÑOBOOK – an Instagram-based portfolio designed to be viewed not from a traditional desktop, but from the toilet-top.

Busy advertising recruiters only spend about 4 minutes looking at a portfolio [1] . That’s not very long, especially in an era of integrated campaigns and case study videos. But The #BAÑOBOOK is uniquely designed to cut through the clutter by taking a slice out of the 24 minutes per day those same recruiters spend on Instagram [2] , and the 14 minutes per day they spend on the toilet [3] .

“If ‘content is king,’ then shouldn’t it be viewed from the ‘throne’?”

After years of development, The #BAÑOBOOK has finally moved out of the laboratory and is ready for the lavatory. And because it lives on Instagram, it’s naturally intuitive, mobile-first, content-centric and ideally suited for those on the go, pretending to go, or already going.


“They say your portfolio should capture your personal brand. And if I had to distill my brand into one word it would be: bathroom.”

-Andrew Hajjar, ACD/Copywriter and Creator of The #BAÑOBOOK


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ABOUT: Andrew Hajjar is a New York-based ACD/Copywriter/Taurus/INTJ/and great friend. He’s worked at agencies big and small across clients like The Nat Geo Channel, Farmers Insurance,, MGM Resorts, Clorox, Conagra Foods and many more. And his work has been recognized by the One Show, Cannes, D&AD, ADC, Radio Mercury, Shorty Awards, and Linda Hajjar's Best Ads on TV. He also has an in-depth knowledge of: sports, technology, conspiracies, whether things are funny or not, and alternative diets.

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